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Custom "Cradle Style" Gallery Stands
I am very proud of custom gallery stand order we just finished. This was our first time making stands so delicate and fitted.

The slide show below shows the ethnic Miao jewelry (pronounced meow) from China mounted on their stands. The pieces are really heavy yet beautifully hand-wrought silver....the earrings weigh close to a pound each. The Miao are obsessed with silver and in some villages every man is a silver smith.

The large mounted wooden piece at the end of the slide show is a tomb door that we created a cradle gallery stand for...I need to find out exactly where it came from.

In regards to the stands, our client requested that we make the stands as small and delicate looking as possible. We had to use cold rolled steel for the stands to be strong enough when that thin. Cold rolling is steel that has been rolled into its final shape at room temperature which hardens and stiffens the steel.

It's hard to say what my absolute favorite piece was... but i have to say I kinda fell in love with how the tassels drape off this comb. It must have weighed at least a few pounds!

Here is an image of a traditionally attired woman.

I can't wait to post photos of the next orders that we are currently working on!


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